Friday, July 1, 2011

Hello Bloggie!

Its been awhile........ hi people....Am wondering how life's going on? Good..Fine..hopefully XD
ME?? Am currently working for a god damn company..everything going real smooth in the mean time
don't know how long will it last..hopefully forever =P
1st interview..1st job offer..1st job experience..oh-so-FIRST

tiring look =.=

friend's status is all about morning..good night..emotion LOL
why am I here in this freaking office hour????????
my MD just passed away 3 days ago..whole company went down to the freaking hot sun to pay the very last respect to him..
till now I didn't was he the MD or MD's dad lolz..sorry..
the main thing is office I am back to my home sweet home doing nothing =(
planned to go to KLCC to find some inspiration for my 5th anniversary with my boyyie
but I was too retard to walk alone as if I'm a lone ranger XD
whatever it is.. just can't wait to meet him..
no matter what we're going to long as I have time spend with him ^^


good night *.*